Everything you need to sell, support, and excel.

All communication channels. All your customer information. One single unified interface.We bring every interaction and touch-point with your customers into one unified interface saving your staff time and improving customer satisfaction.


A powerful CRM with 100’s of features to help you manage all your customers & their interactions through all your channels as well as streamline your business processes.

Custom Entities & Fields

Document Management

Lead Tracking

Lead Source & Status Tracking

Office 365 Integration

Opportunities & Pipeline (Kanban View)

Secure Upload

Unlimited Contacts

A complete overview of all the important customer information & contact history in one single screen. Remove the hassle of logging into multiple platforms & waiting for information to appear, QContact provides all the relevant in an instant.

360 customer view

Send your emails using branded templates automatically.

Automatic Layouts

Simple click to dial functionality built into the platform, click the number on the account you wish to dial & it will automatically call out via your internet connection.

Click to Dial + On screen dial pad

Create condition fields to ensure that users collect all the relevant customer information needed before they can save the information. Preventing errors & lost information.

Conditional fields

Every single customer interaction recorded in date order, no matter which channel the conversation was started on.

Conversation timeline

Create your own fields & data structures to the system so you can store exactly the information you need to store against each and every customer.

Custom Entities & Fields

View the information the way you want to see it with various lists & Kanban style options. Making your data easily to understand.

Customisable Views

Get an overview of your week or month ahead, view call backs, tasks, tickets or even new business opportunities at a glance. Understand your workload better whilst more manageable.

Dairy System

Tag incoming documents and create powerful workflow automation from them. Image come in upside down or wrong format? QContact can resize, rotate and combine documents with ease.

Document Management

Quickly view documents uploaded to your customers record. From IDs, to paperwork or even electronic contracts. Quickly check the information is correct so you can deal with any errors immediately.

Document Review

Have a system you wish to integrate that supports webhooks? Use dynamic webhooks to trigger actions within QContact based on external webhooks.

Dynamic Webhooks

Input data via CSV files directly into the CRM to quickly upload data or campaigns with all the relevant information needed. Save time whilst ensuring you never run out of data.

Import/Export Data

Work from anywhere on your laptop or computer, all you need is an internet connection to manage all your calls & emails through our platform. This includes all your communication channels. Giving you the power to manage all customer communications in one place, quickly & easily, regardless of where you are working from.

Integrated Phone & Email

Automatically send large attachments as a shareable link rather than have the e-mail bounce back.

Large E-mail Handling

Track new business opportunities from creation right through to the end of your sales process. Never lose a lead again.

Lead Tracking

Track which channels your new business opportunities are coming from to help plan future campaigns.

Lead Source Tracking

Track leads statuses to understand which part of the sales process an opportunity is at. These are customisable around you’re sales process or customer journey.

Lead Status Tracking

Seamlessly manage all of your customer conversation in one place without the need to log in to multiple systems or switch. Every interaction recorded & stored on your customers record in date order in one single easy to follow view.

Manage All Communications

This integration allows you send & receive emails through the platform & through your outlook apps whilst storing all outgoing & incoming messages on your clients account. Never lose an important email conversation again.

Office 365 Integration

Different views of your sales funnel allowing you to track every stage of your new business opportunities whilst giving you more options to customise your user experience.

Opportunities & Pipeline (Kanban View)

Create custom playlist of data you wish dial, giving you the ability to quickly move through contacts with the click of a button.

Playlist Function

View your customers full purchase history in the same view as their customer information & full interaction history, from orders to returns & refunds.

Purchase History

Send your customers a quick link to enable them to securely upload documents or photos from their desktop or mobile device with ease.

Secure Upload

Easily track changes to your customers profile so you can see the entire customer journey.

Status Changes

Track your incoming leads throughout their life cycle.

Status Tracking

Your customers can log in to a secure ticketing portal to update their cases, raise new cases as well as see case history.

Ticket Portal

See more information without having to change screens, saving you time whilst allowing your customers to contact you through their preferred channel. All conversations are pulled from each channel into one single view on the customer’s account. Improving response times & customer service

True Omni-Channel

Whether you are a small business, a growing business or a large enterprise, there are no contact limits within the CRM so you will never be penalised for scaling your business up. Whether you are a small business, a growing business or a large enterprise, there are contact limits within the CRM. So, you will never be penalised for scaling your business or have to choose which contacts to remove.

Unlimited Contacts

All of this and much more..

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