Everything you need to sell, support, and excel.

All communication channels. All your customer information. One single unified interface.We bring every interaction and touch-point with your customers into one unified interface saving your staff time and improving customer satisfaction.

Call Routing.

Reduce wasted time on the phone for both your team & your customers by intelligently routing calls to the correct agents. Match customers with agents whilst reducing call times.

Advanced Skills Based

Blind Transfer

Conference Calls / Three-way Calls


Complete IVR Builder

Schedule Hours & Exceptions

Routing Rules

Snooze function

Route your enquiries through to the best skilled advisor for each and every enquiry. Set priorities on both channels and departments to ensure your most important enquiries are answered first.

Advanced Skills Based

Choose how you wish your transfer calls to another agent or department. During busy periods blind transfer calls to free up users or warm transfer the call when an introduction is needed.

Call Transfers

Make sure your important conversations such as phone calls are answered immediately by selecting which channels take priority over others.

Channel Priority

Build complex phone trees with our simple easy-to-use tool. From Press 1 for Sales and 2 for Support, all the way through to natural language processing with neural networks – QContact helps build the exact functionality you need with ease. Write once for one channel and use them across all channels such as Calls, WhatsApp, Facebook and Live Chat.

Complete IVR Builder

Instantly add multiple users into your conversation where required to get immediate advice or support on more complex queries.

Conference Calls / Three-way Calls

You can choose how many enquiries of each channel type your staff can handle at once. For example, you may want users to handle 3 live web chats at once, but only 1 phone call at a time.

Custom Interaction Capacity

Tag every interaction with a disposition so you can track what enquires are coming and their outcomes without having to read or listen to every interaction. Understand the main reasons your customers contact & through which channel they contact you, so that can analyse, plan & deliver extra support.


If a department is busy or closed, you can automatically divert the call to another department or external number.

Divert Rules

Intelligently route calls through via a voice response system of pre-recorded messages to put customers through to then the correct department without having to speak to a switch board. Our IVR can also give your customers the option to switch simple queries to your webchat or even your WhatsApp during busy periods. Speeding up wait times, putting customers to the correct department whilst eliminating queries that can be answered quickly through your FAQ’s on your chat bot or website, even out of hours.


Allow your customers to save their position in the queue without having to wait on hold.

Leave message in the queue

Let your customers know how long their call will take to be answered with ease.

Play queue position & estimated wait time

Look for keywords in your customer communication to automatically redirect or prioritise their message. For example, you may want to prioritise any communication with the word “refund” in over general enquiries.

Routing Rules

Automatically open and close your departments on a schedule through our advanced scheduling tool across all your different contact channels. Allowing to pre-set voicemails, automatic replies & AI technology. Example: Bank holidays & Christmas. Also, automatically set schedule overrides for public holidays or training in advance.

Schedule Hours & Exceptions

Trigger actions on a regular schedule automatically. For example, to update a policy renewal date every 12 months.

Schedule Workflows

When handling channels such as WhatsApp where you are waiting for a customer to respond, you can easily snooze/park the conversation waiting for the reply freeing up your staff’s time to handle other enquiries.

Snooze function

Filter incoming emails and web call-backs for spam to save your agents time dealing with junk.

Spam Filter

All this and much more..

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