QContact are an offical QContact ISV, and can connect WhatsApp directly into your QContact CRM.

What is the difference between WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business?

Whilst WhatsApp Business is great for one-person businesses, you can’t share an account between devices or users. You must also always have the mobile phone it is connected to turned on and with signal.

WhatsApp Business API allows you to connect your WhatsApp number to the cloud, and therefore enable multiple users to handle all your WhatsApp communication needs with products such as QContact. By moving your WhatsApp number from WhatsApp Business to WhatsApp Business API you no longer need to worry about losing battery on the phone, or who has the phone it is installed on – everything is run from the cloud.

Are there any restrictions on what businesses can use WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp do have certain restrictions in the types of businesses they accept on to the WhatsApp Business API. You can see a list of their restricted industries here

How do I get started with WhatsApp

  • Firstly you must ensure your business has a Facebook Business Manager profile.

If you visit https://business.facebook.com/settings/info you will either be prompted to create a business account or you will see your business profile.

If you do not have a business account follow the instructions on the screen to create it.

  • Once you are on your business profile click you will see your Business information
  • You will then need to provide us with your Business Manager ID to get the process of authorisation with WhatsApp started.
  • You should also check if your business is verified
  • If your business is not verified and you see an option on the screen to verify your business, you should click this and follow the steps presented.

If the option to verify is greyed out, once your WhatsApp application is submitted, this option will become available.

Note – you are unable to use WhatsApp Business API until your business profile is verified.

  • You will also be sent a WhatsApp agreement you need to place on company letterhead and sign
  • Once your business is verified and we have the signed paperwork back, we can setup your account. You can either use an existing number or we can provide you with a new number.

Note – if you currently have a number on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business, they can be used on WhatsApp Business API but there is no automatic migration. Instead you must deactivate the number from your WhatsApp application on your mobile first before submitting to WhatsApp for your API account.