The importance of Self Service

In today's always connected society, people expect to be able to interact with companies 24 hours a day. Our write once, use anywhere self-service enables you to setup your self-service system once, and instantly enable the functionality across all your channels.

Date: 14th January 2019

We’ve all experienced the dread of calling a company to be presented with a labrynth of phone menu options, only to end up being told the department you’re trying to get hold has gone home for the night.

Whilst legacy phone systems were limited to simply presenting a few fixed options to route a call, modern contact centre systems such as QContact’s Cloud Contact Centre can offer the ability to solve the customer’s enquiry automatically.

For example, imagine a customer has just purchased a product from your store:

On the day of delivery, the customer misses the courier. When that customer contacts you later that evening you have unfortunately closed for the evening. With a traditional legacy phone system, the customer would have been told you were closed and to call back tomorrow.

However by providing self-service functionality, which can deep link into your CRM systems, you can offer the customer the ability to reschedule delivery automatically during the phone call. This saves the customer time and greatly improves the customer experience.

What’s more, that same functionality can be used during the day too, therefore helping you reduce customer care costs. Taking it beyond just phone calls, by using QContact’s unified self-service you can use the exact same options and functionality across not just phone calls, but text messages and web chat too - giving the customer the tools they need at the time they want them.

Whilst most companies aren't able to offer such long hours of service, they can offer self-service options which can not only serve their customers during hours they are closed, but also help during normal working hours too.

Using the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, we can understand both text and speech and understand what the customer wants. No longer do you need to have long complex phone menus, but instead can let your customers use their own natural language. Giving a better and faster customer experience whilst reducing your costs.

Our write once, use anywhere self-service enables you to setup your self-service system once, and instantly enable the functionality across all your channels.

To conclude, here are the main features of our self service feature:

Complete Channel Coverage

Write your self-service scripts once and reuse them instantly across any of our supported channels. Whether your customer calls, texts, starts a webchat or even a conversation on social media, you can provide the same self-service options and functionality with no extra effort.

Complete Integration

Your self-service function can communicate with your existing CRM systems to pull information to provide to the customer or route the interaction.

Completely Customisable

Every part of the self-service suite is customisable with a simple point and click interface. No waiting months for IT. For voice interactions you can upload your own audio prompts, use our built-in advanced text-to-speech or even order professionally recorded prompts all through our simple to use interface.

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