Remote Working In The Contact Centre

Once pioneers in the concept of working remotely, contact centres have failed to keep up with the bigger social changes of more and more companies allowing their employees to work remotely from home.

Date: 22nd September 2018

As an industry, the contact centre world is no stranger to the concept of remote offices. Whether using your own remote sites or using an outsourcing company, technology has long enabled customer enquiries to be handled seamlessly from dedicated contact centre buildings around the world. For many years this has required dedicated connections such as ISDN, T1s or MLPS circuits to be installed at great cost and lead times. Sometimes it can take six months or more to light up a new office with the required connectivity.

However by migrating your contact centre to the cloud, you can use existing internet infrastructure to expand your contact centre across the world in record time. As long as the office has internet connectivity with sufficient bandwidth, you can operate your contact centre from anywhere in the world. However this technology isn’t limited to opening new offices and outsourcing partners.

With the prevalence of fast and reliable home broadband, your contact centre operators can now work from home - saving not just the cost of office space, but also significant improvements in your employees morale. This is especially beneficial to those companies that operate a part-time work force, or operate at unsociable hours. By removing your workers commute, they gain significantly more of their own time back.

There’s no requirement to chose one or the other though - with a cloud contact centre, you can have any combination of on-site, remote or outsourced agents all on the same system. With one management interface and unified queues with agents spread across the world. Rather than having to deploy a single multi-lingual centre in one country, you can now have your centres or your agents spread across the world.

By migrating to a cloud contact centre, companies can finally allow their contact centre agents to work from home reliably and securely.

It’s natural to be concerned about the customer experience with remote workers, especially around whether the call quality will sound professional enough for your customer base. This has historically been a valid concern, that poor internet connectivity can significantly degrade the call. However with a combination of improved home broadband across the world, together with advanced audio technology that seamlessly handles blips in your connection, it is easier than ever to ensure a crystal clear connection every time.

One thing to make sure though is that your cloud contact centre provider uses encryption to handle the call audio. It’s a little known fact that the vast majority of calls made over the internet are sent unencrypted. This means hackers and snoopers can easily listen in to your customer’s communication - which may include sensitive account information or credit card details. With ever greater responsibility on data handlers with legislation such as the GDPR, it’s never been more important to ensure your customer’s data is always handled in a secure and compliant manner. We at QContact don’t just offer encrypted calls - it’s enabled and enforced by default. Further, all the data held in our platform, including your call recordings, is always saved in encrypted form. Again - no opt-in, no extra premium - every customer, every plan, every time.

So if you’re looking to explore offering remote working as an option to your contact centre, speak to QContact. We can provide you with everything you need and have you up and running in days.

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